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Start Global – is a consulting company specialized in international expansion since 2008.

We are not only creating international expansion strategy for our clients, but also implementing it. Our goal is to increase profit of our clients abroad.  


Get answers to the following questions:

What country has the biggest potential for your expansion?

Based on your product or services and your expectations we shortlist the most potential countries for your business expansion. More...

What is the best way to enter the selected country?

After thorough market analysis and information from the local market players we prepare a detailed and realistic expansion strategy.

How much and to whom you can sell abroad?

We find and analyse data from open sources and local market experts. We advise you on where to find your clients and what are the conditions for your business.

Who is the best local cooperation partner?

We help you to make a detailed portrait of your best matching cooperation partner and find those partners that are interested in cooperation with you. This can be distributors, B2B clients or other type of cooperation partners.

How to organize first meetings with the chosen partners?

We organize and prepare you for the meetings to achieve the best results in negotiations. To save time and money we conduct video meetings prior to the real one. 

How to ensure stable sales to the selected country?

We provide yearly support of your sales according to the chosen strategy, being a mediator between your new business partners and your sales department.

Where to expand first? Order a prescan of potential countries to enter:

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Our clients


“Start Global helped us to prepare for the EFTTEX 2017 in Budapest, one of the biggest specialized exhibition. Despite large amount of work and the lack of time, the company’s specialists professionally coped with their task. They helped us to find partners abroad, to increase our sales, to present BITE BOOSTER ™ on the international market and to win the reward for the best metal lure 2017-2018. We are grateful for the cooperation and recommend Start Global to everyone, who is planning to expand their activities abroad.”

Sergiy Ulyanov, founder, Bite Booster, Poland / Canada/ Ukraine

“Aiton Caldwell S.A. subcontracted Start Ukraine to perform the following tasks: Telco Ukrainian market analysis, finding potential partners for cooperation, business intelligence, business trip organization, follow-up meetings. All duties were carried out professionally, knowledgeably and with the high level of commitment. We highly recommend Start Global as a reliable partner for cooperation and recommend their services to other companies.”

Jan Wyrwinski, President/CEO, Aiton Caldwell S.A., Poland

“After hiring Start Global to make a market search and selection of potential distributors in Ukraine and with the reports and selections done we can say that we are more than satisfied for the service level we obtain from them. Our expectations were more than fulfilled, we found in Start Global a very professional company, order and commitment with everything they had to do, besides having very good contacts and knowledge of the Ukrainian market. We recommend to any company that needs this kind of services to work with them. Results are excellent.”
Ricardo Yapur, President, Rizobacter Argentina S.A., Argentina

“We hereby recommend the services of Start Global to all companies with an interest of bringing their business into the Ukraine market place.
The staff at Start Global proved to be very efficient and service minded in combination with a high degree of creative problem solving. A good partner in a market not yet defined.”
Johan Gustafson, Market Director, FEAL AB, Sweden

Why us?

Vast experience

More than 10 years of experience and projects in more than 20 industries.

Local experts in 11 countries

All data and information from the foreign markets we support with local culture understanding from our local experts

Effectiveness as a rule

In all our projects we advise our clients to achive the best results. We ensure double digit growth of our clients

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