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Interview with experts from different countries to get insights about local business culture and help you to enter new global markets.

  • How to select proper focus markets?
  • How to get market insights and research new markets?
  • How to find proper local partner and start your sales?
  • And many more…

Join us on this show and get answers about international trade directly from local players and global expansion experts.

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Episode 10. Selling IT to Germany. Insights from the local expert – SVP of LeanIX
In this episode we will talk about B2B sales in Germany with Christopher Cole, a Senior Vice President for EMEA at LeanIX named by Deloitte as one of Germany’s fastest growing technology companies in 2022.
We were really lucky to get Chris sharing his multinational sales experience on how to sell in B2B in Germany

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Episode 9. Romania. Analysing the market with local expert.
In this episode we will talk about Romania with Romulus Oprica – the managing partner of market research agency BrandBerry.

Romulus is sharing his 20 years experience in market research and marketing consultancy in Romania. If you would like to understand how to analyze Romanian market and hear local insights, this episode is exactly for you.

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Episode 8. A story of one exporter. Ukrainian e-bikes for the US market.
This time my guest is Daniel Tonkopi, the CEO and founder of the unique Ukrainian e-bike producer Delfast.
Their bikes hold the world records in speed and distance, drive longer than Tesla, used by police, army and ordinary people around the world.
In our conversation Daniel shares his story about entering US market.

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Episode 7. Exporting to Poland. How you should communicate about your business before you start sales.

Today my guest is Karolina Janik, the marketing communication expert from Poland. Karolina is sharing her experience on how to sell to Polish market and communicate about your brand to support this sales.

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Episode 6. How to start exporting. The international business expansion roadmap.
In this episode, your host Dmytro Shvets, the international expansion consultant shares his vision of international expansion roadmap based on more than 15 years experience of creating export strategies.

You will hear what steps should be make by exporters in order to expand their sales to new markets.

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Episode 5. The story of Finnish trolls. How do Finnish companies make international business and how to sell to Finland
The guest of this show is Topi Paananen, the CEO and Entrepreneur at Peikko Group, a Finnish construction company. We will talk about the Finnish Market from the perspective of local entrepreneur, who build successful global business.

Episode 4. Customer Experience Management in Estonia. How to understand Estonian customers.
This time the guest of the show is Andrus Kotri, the customer experience expert from Estonia. We will talk about the Estonian Market from the perspective of local customers and local business culture.

Episode 3. Entering the Estonian Market. Local expert’s secrets and insights.

This episode is about expansion to the Estonian market.

My guest this time is a local Estonian expert with decades of experience in sales in Estonia and Eastern Europe.

Episode 2. A story of one exporter. Amazing experience and resilience of an innovative heating systems producer.

My guest in this episode is Vladyslav Sushko, the co-owner of the brave Ukrainian exporter Hybro Technologies, an innovating heating system producer. The story of their international expansion and future plans despite of the war.

Episode 1. Entering the Swedish Market. Local expert’s secrets and insights.

Johan Gustafsson, my guest at this show, a Swedish entrepreneur and business developer shares his experience in doing business with companies in Sweden.


About the host

Dmytro Shvets

Director at Start Global – international expansion consulting company
Adjunct professor at kmbs – one of the TOP business schools in Ukraine
Founder of n.cubator – learning platform for entrepreneurship
Export Lead at Do Business With Ukrainians – a platform that promotes Ukrainian businesses abroad

20+ years of intercultural business experience
15+ years in global business expansion consulting

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